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Your Comeback Starts Now


Your Comeback Starts Now

Franchise Opportunity

Physical Therapy NOW  has revolutionized the physical therapy industry with its approach in the industry. Whether it is a new practice or converting an already existing physical therapy practice, PTNOW  is the right choice. As the industry is rapidly expanding the physical therapy and occupational therapy industry will be a very stable industry. To the right are some common questions and answers.


We would love to have you join the Family! You will be part of a group who have a passion for helping others, succeeding and the ambitious entrepreneurial spirit.

Joining the Physical Therapy NOW™ Family gives you the opportunity of owning your own business  – but not just any business: an established business in the medical industry with a proven and profitable system.

In the United States, the franchise fee is currently $40,000

The initial investment can range from $80,000.00 to $199,000.00, depending on location size, state and/or city.

Physical Therapy NOW™ Franchisees pay 6% every month (gross sales minus the sales tax).

We currently offer in-house financing of the franchise fee if approved. We also work with financial institutions, some of our corporate partners offer in-house equipment financing as well. Financing Options – Read More.

Once you are a franchisee, our development team will educate you on the site selection process and how to find locations. A team member will make a recommendation on whether a location should be approved or not, and will assist in negotiating the economics of the lease with the landlord (if needed). Our objective will always be to secure the best possible location for a reasonable rent. The available team member will also take a visit if needed or requested.

Physical Therapy NOW™ works with preferred contractors within the state of Florida and will assist all Franchisees within the state. For all other franchisees outside of the state, you will work with a local contractor that you hire, the Perform Better Design team will provide detailed designs that not only meets our specifications, but provides you with a beautiful and functional practice. Additionally Perform better will also supply and install the flooring required.

Of course; all of our new franchisees attend a one (1) week training course at our Headquarters. Once training is complete, on-going support comes in many forms, including sending our team to visit, e-learning training courses, a weekly newsletter and much more.

Physical Therapy NOW™ has been able to establish strong partnerships with leaders in the industry. Thanks to these partnerships our franchisees have the benefits of receiving the best equipment and supplies at the best prices available. You will order the equipment and supplies through Physical Therapy NOW™.

Billing will be handled through Physical Therapy NOW ™ in order to ensure your are collecting the highest reimbursement possible.

We will help with patient census by helping you acquire insurance contracts through our credentialing department. As well as helping you establish strong partnerships and relationships with our current partners and new ones (Physicians, Medical institutions, Attorneys, Workers Compensation Organizations etc.). Additionally, our marketing and branding strategies where developed in order to help you grow!

While every case is different and dependent on State, City and/or Municipality, the process can take between 3 months to 6 months.

The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) will describe in detail how the Physical Therapy NOW™ franchise relationship operates and will specify how the company is organized. It will also contain franchisee contact information so that you can contact our owners to get the information needed for your research. Once you complete the PTN: Application for Additional Information and get started with the interview process, we will forward it to you.

As we continue our expansion, there are always new opportunities. Completing the PTN: Application for Additional Information is the first step in the process in learning about these new opportunities. For further information regarding your area of interest you may contact corporate once you start the interview process.

You can request this information as soon as you submit the PTN: Application for Additional Information.

Physical Therapy NOW™ practices are currently open in Florida and more are in development across the Nation.

Yes we do! There are numerous PDF Versions of the Physical Therapy NOW™ Brochure.

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