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Can Physical Therapists Write Prescriptions?

This is a pretty common question we get. The answer is, yes, physical therapists can prescribe medications that fall into specific categories. While PTs don’t prescribe meds as often as medical doctors do, we are permitted to prescribe medications (in most cases) that are designed to:


What Are the Benefits of PTs Writing Prescriptions?

Mostly convenience. Under normal circumstances, it can save you a trip to the doctor. Given the current events and the inconvenience caused by the coronavirus pandemic, having a physical therapist prescribe you the medication you need is extremely convenient.

Teletherapy and Prescriptions

With the increased utilization of teletherapy (also known as cybertherapy, among other names) at Physical Therapy Now, the ability for a physical therapist to write a prescription takes on even more importance.


Not only can a patient receive a full PT session from one of our skilled professional physical therapists remotely (all you need is an internet connection and a device with a camera), but we can write a prescription from one of those telehealth appointments and have it mailed to a client’s home. No need to even leave the house.

Physical Therapists And Prescriptions

While physical therapists can write prescriptions for the convenience and the need of the client, we obviously prefer actual rehab and PT over medication as it’s better for the body, has longer-term benefits, and doesn’t have the risks associated with some prescription medications…especially certain painkillers.


Many studies have shown that proper physical therapy care can drastically reduce and even eliminate the need for medication. However, there are times when patients must have pain medication to continue the healing process AND participate in physical therapy. We are here to assist with those prescription needs, because there are, in fact, genuine reasons for the medication.


For clients who have difficulty leaving their homes, and especially during times like we are experiencing now, the ability for physical therapists to write prescriptions is more convenient than ever. Teletherapy has opened up a host of options, one of which is getting medications subscribed without leaving home.


If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, either in person or through cybertherapy, give us a call at (800) 481-4852. As always, Physical Therapy Now is here for you and all of your PT and rehab needs.

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