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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a prescription or doctors referral to start therapy?

No, in the state of Florida, you could start therapy for up to 31 days without a doctors referral.  This means that you could come to Physical Therapy Now and get evaluated by one of our Physical Therapist and start therapy immediately.  However, if you condition requires more than 31 days you will be referred to a trusted doctor or your own primary care or Orthopedic doctor in order for him to evaluate you condition further.  Most Physical Therapy conditions such as neck pain, back pain, Knee sprain and ankle sprains typically get resolved in within 30 days.

What is an Independent Medical Examination (IME)?

Independent Medical Examination is a tool utilized by insurance carriers wherein they examine their own insured pursuant to their auto insurance policy in an effort to suspend their medical benefits or curtail their medical treatment under Personal Injury Protection (PIP). An IME is ordered by your insurance carrier prior to a lawsuit being filed.

How much time do I have after my accident to decide whether or not to seek medical attention?

Based upon changes to Florida’s no-fault statute that went into effect on January 1, 2013, an accident victim must commence medical treatment within 14 days or personal injury protection benefits will not be applicable. However, it is important to note that based on the new provisions to the no-fault statute, a victim only has $2500.00 in personal injury protection benefits unless a physician states the individual has an “emergency medical condition” (EMC).

Common surgeries we treat:

Knee Surgeries



Neck Surgery

Herniated Discs

Back Surgery

Shoulder Surgeries

Rotator Cuff Surgeries


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